Riderless Horses

For the past three months, some friends of mine and I have been on a rescue mission of sorts. Our friend Bill, a man who’s life was defined by his determination to do all the things he wanted in the way he wanted them done, was suddenly unable to do anymore. Unfortunately, this left the horses he raised for the past 40 years in need of help and new homes.

Revengeful, Apollina, and Niz

When we first began this mission, there were 26 horses to save. Fifteen are already with loving new owners on new farms and with new friends. One was lost, though we hope to hear where she landed some day. Six more are due to go to their new homes in the next few weeks. That leaves us with four brood mares who would very much like someone to love them as much as they loved their babies.

Polish Arabians are a special breed. They weren’t bred to race, but to work and work closely with people. They are highly empathetic, enjoy being a partner, and crave human interaction. In personality, they are more like dogs than horses. Unfortunately, not many people value a horse that cannot be ridden. And so that has been the first question many people ask about these girls and when I say no, the interest slowly wanes. But these girls are special. Give them attention and they will bond with you. They will look for you when you come home and call to you for treats, and pets, and love. They aren’t done living yet and still very much enjoy their lives.

We are looking for some special people with room in their hearts and their pastures for these old gals to retire in. They are up to date on all their shots and farrier care and we will be having them evaluated by the vet next week for overall health and quality of life.

Update: They all have homes! If you’d like to contribute to the care of Vengeful and Revengeful, please do so here: https://gofund.me/6d55c0f2

Niz is a 25 year old chestnut Saddlebred/Arabian cross, and stands at 16 hands. She can still be ridden gently, but has some arthritis. She’s had three foals who have grown up to be very sweet horses just like her. She is an easy keeper and can still graze on pasture and hay. She does well on just a ration balancer in the summer and a senior pellet in the winter. We just started her on a joint supplement as well.

Apollina is a pony-sized 31 year old Polish Arabian,. She had ten foals and is is sway-backed as a result. She cannot be ridden, but loves to be petted and loved on. She still does very well on pasture and grass and a senior pellet. We have also started her on a joint supplement, but she seems to move relatively well with no obvious discomfort.

Revengeful is a 29 year old fleabitten gray Polish Arabian. She has an old hamstring injury which acts up when she frolics too much and may also have some back arthritis so she has slowed down a bit. Like most grays, she also has some melanomas. This super sweet girl has had at least one foal and does better in cold weather when blanketed at night. She loves being petted and talked to and will seek you out and call to you when she sees you near her pasture. She does well on pasture and hay and a senior pellet. We also started her on a joint supplement. She periodically needs stall rest when her leg is acting up.

Vengeful is Revengeful’s half sister and also a 29 year old fleabitten gray Polish Arabian. We are not sure how many foals she may have had, but she, like Apollina has a swayback. Overall she moves well and does not seem to have any obvious discomfort. Like Revengeful, she also has some melanomas. She is a sweet, happy girl and loves people. As with the others, she does well on hay, pasture grass, and a senior pellet. We have also started her on a joint supplement.

Here is a link to more photos:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/7wXt45EiY76ez4PZ7