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The Scent of Boxwoods

Train Whistles in the Dark

My dad’s parents lived in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee for as long as I knew them and a few times a year we would take the several hours drive from Maryland to go see them. Soddy-Daisy was a tiny little town between a mountain and a lake in southeastern Tennessee. My grandfather, Morris, was a WWII Marine…

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The Wild Hunt

In this episode of Lore, Follow the Leader, Aaron Mahnke delves into folklore describing what is known as The Wild Hunt. Mostly rooted in Germanic legend, the wild hunt is often described as a supernatural horde of warriors hunting great beasts through the forest or across the sky. The sight or sound of these hunters…

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The People in the Woods

*fiction The trail through the woods was a winding one. It ran along a stream bed, deep and wide with very few places to cross. The trees were tall and as spring settled in, a pasture of green rose above the leaf fall, delicate grassy plants that mirrored the canopy above. The path rose as…

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