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The Scent of Boxwoods

A Cat Called Cat

*Update! Cat will be going to her forever home as a professional lap sitter on November 19th! Many years ago when I first came to this farm, Bill had taken me up into the loft to show me how he fed the horses by pouring grain down a series of PVC pipes that connected directly…

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Oh Baby!

Sometime around 12 years ago, a young stallion managed to escape his paddock and find his way into the mare’s pasture. This resulted in the only surprise pregnancy on this farm and Baby (Mostly Moshun) was born in the usual time thereafter. Baby is a healthy and sassy little mare who has spent the last…

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Riderless Horses

For the past three months, some friends of mine and I have been on a rescue mission of sorts. Our friend Bill, a man who’s life was defined by his determination to do all the things he wanted in the way he wanted them done, was suddenly unable to do anymore. Unfortunately, this left the…

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