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The Scent of Boxwoods


I always hated okra. The name itself sounds too much like orc, ogre, or Orgoch, one of the witches of Morva from The Black Caldron series. It is a word with open ends and sharp middle, a grunt, more likely a growl. Nothing good can come from a word like that. “Best be home before…

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Train Whistles in the Dark

My father grew up in Soddy-Daisy, a small town in eastern Tennessee that sat between a lake and a mountain. His parents continued to live there throughout my childhood and a few times a year we would take the several hours drive from Maryland to go see them. This was always great fun for me…

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The Wild Hunt

In this episode of Lore, Follow the Leader, Aaron Mahnke delves into folklore describing what is known as The Wild Hunt. Mostly rooted in Germanic legend, the wild hunt is often described as a supernatural horde of warriors hunting great beasts through the forest or across the sky. The sight or sound of these hunters…

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