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The Scent of Boxwoods

The People in the Woods

*fiction The trail through the woods was a winding one. It ran along a stream bed, deep and wide with very few places to cross. The trees were tall and as spring settled in, a pasture of green rose above the leaf fall, delicate grassy plants that mirrored the canopy above. The path rose as…

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Just a little bit spooky . . .

I was listening to a Halloween podcast the other day. It was series of stand-alone fictional stories intertwined with an overarching narrative that culminated in a cautionary tale about summoning demons and bending to their will. Whenever I hear a story like that, I am always disappointed that someone would feel the need to take…

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The Salt Marsh

There is a photo of me on the front page of our local newspaper when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I’m with three other kids and we are all standing on a patch of marsh grass, staring intently at the water, crab nets in hand. This photo was taken at the Elms…

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