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The Scent of Boxwoods

Just a little bit spooky . . .

I was listening to a Halloween podcast the other day. It was series of stand-alone fictional stories intertwined with an overarching narrative that culminated in a cautionary tale about summoning demons and bending to their will. Whenever I hear a story like that, I am always disappointed that someone would feel the need to take…

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The Salt Marsh

There is a photo of me on the front page of our local newspaper when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I’m with three other kids and we are all standing on a patch of marsh grass, staring intently at the water, crab nets in hand. This photo was taken at the Elms…

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Cheese Balls and Cider

I like Food and Wine magazine. I like the fact that they have a recipe for virtually every occasion and that the majority of their recipes are an almost guaranteed success. That is, if you have access to all the ingredients and are capable of following all the instructions. Regardless, one of my favorite features…

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