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The Scent of Boxwoods

Dark Woods, Dark Water

In my dream, at the end of a winding path, mostly downhill and strewn with loose rocks, was a pond.  Both the path leading down to it and the pond itself were surrounded by trees, maples and oaks and the occasional pine, spaced far enough apart that you could see the trees behind them until…

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I grew up in Southern Maryland, St. Mary’s County to be exact. This is important because it is surrounded by rivers, creeks, and small bays, all tributaries off the Chesapeake bay and when I was growing up, you could pretty much toss a chicken neck into any body of water and catch enough crabs to…

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The Dunes

If you traveled in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the 1980’s, long before it became a popular tourist spot, there was very little between the small outpost towns of Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. This long stretch of islands and narrow lands was simply a brushstroke on the…

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